Wholesale VoIP Termination to Boost Global Connectivity-2023

Wholesale VoIP Termination

Introduction to Wholesale VoIP Termination

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has revolutionized business communications over the past decade. By transmitting voice calls over the internet, VoIP provides tremendous cost savings and flexibility compared to traditional phone services. Many businesses now use VoIP for their internal phone systems and communications.

Wholesale VoIP takes this a step further by allowing companies to terminate voice calls over VoIP networks operated by wholesale carriers and providers. With wholesale VoIP termination, businesses can seamlessly connect VoIP calls to the regular phone network and public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Wholesale VoIP Termination

VoIP Termination

VoIP termination refers to the process of completing outbound calls over a VoIP network to any destination such as a mobile, landline or international number. The call originates as IP packets and is converted into a regular voice call at the point of termination.

Wholesale VoIP

In wholesale VoIP termination, a business utilizes a wholesale carrier to terminate VoIP calls over the carrier’s network infrastructure. The wholesale provider manages the VoIP servers, gateways, routing, call capacity and quality.

Wholesale VoIP Termination

Ajoxi’s Wholesale VoIP Services

Ajoxi is a leading global provider of wholesale VoIP termination services. We operate a robust, carrier-grade VoIP network spanning over 195 countries worldwide. Over 800 telecom companies and businesses utilize Ajoxi’s wholesale VoIP for efficient, high-quality call termination.

Benefits of Wholesale VoIP Termination

Wholesale VoIP termination offers several advantages over traditional phone services:

Coverage and Reach: Ajoxi provides global VoIP termination, allowing calls to be connected internationally. This provides tremendous reach at low costs.

Call Quality and Reliability: Our VoIP network provides excellent voice quality with 99.999% uptime. This ensures reliable call connectivity.

Pricing and Cost Savings: Wholesale VoIP offers significant cost reductions compared to conventional calling. Ajoxi offers competitive pricing with savings of up to 80%.

Support and Customer Service: We provide dedicated account managers along with 24/7 technical support. This ensures an exceptional customer experience.

Wholesale VoIP Termination

Understanding Ajoxi’s Wholesale VoIP Termination Services

Ajoxi operates a feature-rich VoIP termination platform designed for carriers worldwide. Let’s examine some key aspects of our wholesale VoIP termination:

Coverage and Reach

Ajoxi provides outbound call termination to over 195 countries worldwide. This includes mobile, landline and toll-free numbers. We enable international calling at affordable rates.

Call Quality and Reliability

Our VoIP network is optimized for call quality exceeding industry standards. This provides a superior voice experience for end-users. We maintain 99.999% network uptime for reliable call connectivity.

Pricing and Cost Savings

We offer highly competitive wholesale VoIP pricing tailored to your requirements. Our rates are up to 80% lower than traditional call services enabling massive cost reductions.

Support and Customer Service

Ajoxi provides dedicated account management and 24/7 technical support via phone, email and ticketing systems. We customize solutions to your needs for an exceptional experience.

Wholesale VoIP Termination

Advantages of Wholesale VoIP Termination

Let’s examine some of the key advantages of wholesale VoIP termination:

Scalability and Flexibility

Our VoIP network can easily scale to accommodate growing call volumes. It provides tremendous flexibility to add capacities, features and destinations on demand.

Interconnection with Carriers and Providers

We enable seamless interconnection with leading carriers worldwide. This allows you to expand coverage by leveraging existing relationships.

Global Reach and International Calls

Ajoxi provides affordable call termination to 195+ countries. This enables international calling at a fraction of conventional costs.

Integration with Existing Systems

Our VoIP APIs and interfaces integrate smoothly with your existing infrastructure. This provides a unified experience across systems.

Wholesale VoIP Termination

Different Types of Wholesale VoIP Termination

Ajoxi supports various types of wholesale VoIP termination:

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

We offer Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers in 125 countries. This provides local caller ID and call routing.

Toll-Free Termination

Ajoxi terminates toll-free and freephone calls in over 80 countries. This enables global toll-free access.

Short Duration Termination

We optimize wholesale VoIP specifically for short duration traffic like SMS verification, ringless voicemail etc.

High CPS (Calls Per Second) Termination

Our VoIP network handles extremely high call volumes exceeding 1000+ CPS. This supports call centers and bulk dialing.

VoIP Security Measures and Fraud Prevention

Security is paramount for VoIP networks. Ajoxi implements various security protocols:

Encryption and Authentication

VoIP traffic is secured through SIP TLS and SRTP encryption. Caller identities are validated through authentication measures.

Anti-fraud Tools and Techniques

We utilize AI-based anti-fraud analytics tools to identify suspicious patterns and prevent VoIP fraud.

Ajoxi’s Security Protocols

Our infrastructure is housed in Tier 1 data centers with biometric security. Network access is restricted and closely monitored.

VoIP Interconnection Protocols and Standards

Ajoxi utilizes industry-standard VoIP protocols for interoperability:

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

We fully support the SIP protocol for VoIP session management, a widely adopted standard.

H.323 Protocol

Our network is compliant with the H.323 suite for multimedia communication over IP.

ENUM (E.164 Number Mapping)

ENUM converts E.164 phone numbers into IP addresses to route calls over VoIP. We support this for number portability.

Wholesale VoIP Termination

VoIP and Cloud Communications

Cloud-based VoIP Termination Solutions

In addition to VoIP termination, we offer virtual PBX solutions, SIP trunking, toll-free services, and other cloud communication offerings.

Benefits of Cloud VoIP Services

Cloud VoIP provides flexibility, business continuity, and disaster recovery capabilities compared to on-premise solutions.

Ajoxi’s Cloud VoIP Offerings

We provide cloud-based PBX systems, contact center solutions, SMS services, conferencing capabilities and other tools.

Impact of Wholesale VoIP on Businesses

Adopting wholesale VoIP termination provides major benefits for companies:

Cost Savings and ROI

VoIP terminations costs are significantly lower, creating major cost reductions and boosting profitability.

Enhanced Communication Capabilities

VoIP enables advanced communication features not feasible with conventional phone systems.

Business Scalability and Growth

VoIP termination easily scales to accommodate growing business needs cost-effectively.

Wholesale VoIP V/S Retail VoIP:

Parameter Wholesale VoIP Retail VoIP
Users Telecom carriers, ISPs, resellers Businesses, enterprises, organizations
Business Model Enables partners to rebrand and resell VoIP services Sells VoIP services under own brand to customers
Infrastructure Owns the servers, gateways, network capacity Relies on provider for underlying infrastructure
Offerings Termination, origination, PBX, SIP trunking Hosted PBX, UCaaS, cloud phone system
Pricing Volume-based pricing for carrier partners Per user/seat pricing for customers
Contracts Minimum commitments with carriers Monthly contracts with customers
Support Provides technical support to carrier partners End-user customer support
Customization Highly customizable for partners Limited customization for end-users
Scale Large-scale capacity for carrier traffic Scales to needs of individual businesses

Choosing the Right Wholesale VoIP Provider

When choosing a wholesale VoIP provider, several critical factors demand careful consideration. Begin by assessing their reputation and reliability, prioritizing established providers with a track record of delivering high-quality enterprise VoIP services. 

Next, examine their network infrastructure – a robust, global VoIP network ensures optimal performance and resilience. Equally important is the pricing model; seek a provider that offers flexible, competitive pricing tailored to your specific business needs and call traffic patterns.

By thoroughly evaluating these factors, you can confidently select the right wholesale VoIP provider that aligns with your communication requirements and contributes to your business success.

Wholesale VoIP Termination

Best Practices for Wholesale VoIP Termination 

Best Practices for Wholesale VoIP Termination involve selecting a reliable provider, assessing their network infrastructure and coverage, and ensuring quality of service. Implementing redundancy and failover solutions safeguards against downtime, while continuous traffic monitoring detects and resolves issues promptly. 

Strict security measures, like encryption and authentication, protect against fraud and unauthorized access. Embracing these practices optimizes call quality, enhances customer satisfaction, and maximizes cost-effectiveness for businesses using Wholesale VoIP termination services.

Future Trends in Wholesale VoIP Termination

The future trends in Wholesale VoIP Termination point towards increased global adoption, improved integration with emerging technologies like 5G, and enhanced scalability to support growing business demands. As businesses continue to prioritize cost-effective and efficient communication solutions, Wholesale VoIP Termination is expected to play a crucial role in shaping the future of communication infrastructure.


Wholesale VoIP termination enables businesses to leverage the tremendous cost and flexibility benefits of VoIP. Ajoxi offers carrier-grade VoIP termination worldwide along with white label solutions for resellers. Our expertise in VoIP technology and commitment to customer success makes Ajoxi the ideal wholesale VoIP partner to drive your business growth.

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