Inbound Call Center Software

Recommended inbound call center solution that provides an excellent IVR and innovative call center routing experience to improve Initial Contact Resolution Rates. Ajoxi is the perfect inbound call center software for businesses of all sizes. It is packed with features that will make managing your call center a breeze. With Ajoxi, you can easily route calls, monitor call activity, and track performance.  

CC CLI Routes

What is the necessity for Inbound Contact Center Software?

Scale and monitor your inbound contact center activities

Monitor incoming operator productivity in live time by creating real-time channel tracking through Voice & Chatting. Administrators and supervisors may monitor Operator performance in real-time by spying, barging, mumbling, and consulting over the live call and conversation lines. In addition, you will receive reports on key commercials. 

Including an Interactive IVR, you can assist worried consumers

Including a self-service IVR, a business may provide customized audio prompts as responses to the majority of your consumers' questions without involving your personnel. Select from a Simple IVR, Multi-level IVR, or even a Reactive IVR to tailor your process to your needs. Business hours setting, unique welcoming prompts. 


Consumer inquiries are sent to the safest and most effective agent

By directing your consumers to the appropriate agents, you can offer a consumer experience. Improve FCR  and CSAT  with intelligent routing protocols such as preference operator routing, ability routing (Route relying on an Agent’s Ability characteristics), and consumer persona-based routing (Route dynamically based on CRM input).

Give Operators the Ability to Provide a Personalized Call

Ajoxi’s incoming call center software package offers a unified operator desktop, a cross-channel perspective, CTI, and CRM views and allows your operators to conduct incoming contextual interactions. Operators can comprehend the consumer context and conduct intelligent discussions with consumers.